iOS Light Meter

Cine Meter tested against a Minolta AutoMeter III on a Fotokem chip chart. (Photo by Patrick Southern)

Light meters are not cheap. A good combo incident/spot meter usually runs upwards of $600. With a few recent developments, you can now use your iPhone as a fully functional incident/spot meter.

Cine Meter by Adam Wilt is available in the App Store for $4.99. It provides an independent spot meter and relative wave form and false color readings. Above you can see a test I ran with Cine Meter. I did a reflective reading with Cine Meter set to ISO 50 at 1/50th of a second. I also ran an incident reading with my Minolta Auto Meter III set to ISO 50 at 1/50th of a second. The readings were within 1/3rd of a stop. Thankfully Cine Meter has built in meter compensation, allowing for precision between your meters.

Lumu is a light meter attachment for your iPhone.

With Cine Meter, your phone can give accurate reflective readings. Yet, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get both reflective and incident readings from your iOS device?

Lumu is an incident meter attachment in development for the iPhone. Lumu plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone or iPod. With its companion app, you can quickly an easily get accurate incident light meter readings. Lumu will run a Kickstarter campaign soon. Each Lumu will cost $99. You can learn more about Lumu by following them on Twitter: @Lumu.

Between Lumu and Cine Meter, you can convert your iOS device into a full Spot/Incident meter for just under $105. Used properly, your iPhone can set you free from using a monitor to light your scene.

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7 responses to “iOS Light Meter”

  1. makofoto says :

    For a lot less you can turn your iPhone into a incident meter using:

    • makofoto says :

      The Lumu does allow one to conveniently leave the case on your iPhone. CineMeter is cool. We’ve played with it at work, but essentially our Arri Alexa and RED Epic cameras ARE light meters, very expensive ones that are however perfectly in tune with their media.

      • 5th Floor Digital says :

        There is no doubt that the Epic and Alexa can give reflectance readings. With waveforms and false color, one can even get an idea of where the zone are. I still like to light away from the monitor when possible. I feel it makes it easier to be creative about lighting. In any case, there are now tools that cost little money that can help on both digital and film sets.

    • 5th Floor Digital says :

      Thank you. It is good to know we have more than one option for taking ambient readings with the iPhone.

  2. SamysDV says :

    Reblogged this on Samys DV & Edit and commented:
    Our smartphones continue to replace older dedicated use gadgets; here are a couple of apps available for the iPhone that turn it into a full light meter.

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